About SSL Secure Websites 

Google has announced that, from October 2017, it will warn visitors to all websites that do not have an SSL Certificate that these sites are insecure if a visitor to that site sends an email from the website form or when the visitor is using incognito mode. This is a prelude to ensuring every website owner has an SSL Certificate in place, even where no sensitive data such as credit card details are being collected through a website.

All websites now built by Great Value Websites include an SSL Certificate* for this reason. For customers whose websites were built prior to October 2017, we strongly recommend that you have an SSL Certificate added to your website as the Google warning messages will act as a disincentive for visitors to your website to continue to browse.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a digital certificate used to encrypt the data sent between a user and a website. SSL certificates are most commonly used when sensitive information is being exchanged such as credit card details, personal details or passwords. When you buy an SSL certificate, a trusted authority will vet and validate you and your business identity. Once in place, the certificate secures connections from a web server to a web browser and a lock icon appears in the browser bar. This icon instills user confidence and trust in your website. Only sites with SSL certificates will display this symbol of security, i.e. HTTPS and a green padlock symbol.

What are the benefits of having SSL on my website?

The main benefits are:

  • to build trust in your website
  • to improve conversion because customers are more likely to contact you or buy from you if they feel secure on your site
  • to protect your customers and your website against fraud such as phishing scams.

What does an SSL certificate actually do?

A certificate is a small data file that contains the encryption keys for the website. When a user visits a website, the browser asks that the server identifies itself. When the browser agrees that the server and the website are to be trusted, the browser opens up an encryption session. Our certificates are compatible with all major browsers.

Protect your customers

All SSL certificates instantly protect your customers by using SHA-2 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit signing algorithm to encrypt the information they enter and keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. This enables your customers to securely make payments or enter confidential information on your website with confidence and without the risk of their details being stolen. When customers feel safe, they are more likely to use your products and services.

Protect your company

Reputation is everything in business and yours should be protected if you are to succeed online. Having an SSL certificate shows your visitors you have a trustworthy online presence that can help build your reputation as a trusted online provider. Our Standard and Comprehensive SSLs also provide liability insurance of up to $1.5m to protect your business, giving you extra peace of mind. Ask us for details.

Protect and boost your rankings

Google adds more weight to sites that are protected by SSL certificates and use HTTPS to serve all their pages. So, as well as protecting your customers, you also have better search engine results, even if you do not host sensitive data. In fact, as from October 2017, Google will actively discriminate against sites without an SSL certificate by flashing up a warning that your site “may” be unsafe, even if you don’t collect customer data of any kind via your website.

What SSL certificates can Great-Value-Websites offer?

SIMPLE for small websites and business start-ups

Perfect for small websites and businesses that are just starting out or are looking for cost-effective data security. A Simple SSL offers essential security and encryption and proves to website visitors that your site has been verified. Simple certificates also come with cover of $100,000 dollars.

STANDARD for online traders and growing businesses

Created especially for online traders and growing businesses who want to take secure online payments. A Standard SSL enables payments to be taken in a safe and secure environment which will give your customers the confidence to purchase your products and services online. Standard certificates offer cover of $250,000.

COMPREHENSIVE for large websites and established businesses

Comprehensive security for online retailers who want to maximise the protection they offer their customers. The Comprehensive SSL adds a green bar to your site to make your secure credentials more obvious, providing maximum protection for you and your customer data. Comprehensive certificates come with cover of $1.5 million.

If your website doesn't presently have an SSL Certificate, please contact us. Email info@great-value-websites.com or call 01556 612855 now.


*Includes a Simple SSL Certificate. If you require a Standard or Comprehensive Certificate, please contact us before ordering your website. E-commerce websites should have a Standard or Comprehensive SSL Certificate.