We can help with contract-free search engine optimisation 

The internet or Worldwide Web is essential for every business these days. Having a professionally designed website which has been well built and optimised at the outset is something Great-Value-Websites.com does automatically. But your website needs ongoing Search Engine Optimisation to be really successful. 

After all, nobody buys a car and expects it to run without fuel being regularly added and the same is true of websites. SEO is the fuel that helps your business to be found among the billions of websites out there that all want to be on page one of Google under relevant search terms. Don’t be left behind - order one of our SEO packages with your new site.*


Gold Package:

£350 pm. Includes weekly updates to your website pages, targeting the specific geographic areas you trade in, creating backlinks to your site, social media promotion, monthly reports on your visibility, the number of unique visits to your site and re-submission of changed pages to Google.

Gold Package +

£400 pm. This package includes all of the above + the management of your Google Adwords campaign. Please note: This does not include the fees due to Google for the campaign itself.

Silver Package:

£250 pm. Includes weekly updates to your website, creating backlinks, monthly reports on your visibility and re-submission of changed pages to Google.

Bronze Package

£150 pm. Includes twice monthly updates to your website, re-submission of changed pages to Google and reports on your visibility every 8 weeks.

*Unlike many SEO service providers, we do not tie you into any contracts. Please note: We only offer SEO services on websites we have built. Ask us for details today on 01556 612855.

Driving traffic to your website is crucial, especially when you consider how competitive the internet is. Just as the universe has billions of stars, cyberspace has billions of websites! It’s important therefore to be found by your target audience.

We work with our clients to enable them to understand how to drive traffic to their own sites on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, you can leave it all to us if you prefer. But doing nothing is not really an option because, like a car, if you don’t put fuel in it, it isn’t going anywhere!

We offer very competitive, affordable and effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions. And we always encourage our clients to better understand how to carry out SEO themselves so that they are empowered to control their own success on an ongoing basis.

We also recommend the addition of Google Analytics to your site so you can monitor how much traffic is being generated and have access to vitally important online marketing information which will allow you to adapt your website to best meet the needs of your customers.

What’s more, with all-year-round telephone support, you’re never on your own!

Call us on 01556 612855 to discuss your specific requirements.

Using social media to drive business is important

Social media has become an increasingly important way to drive traffic to websites and, if used properly, provides so many more channels-to-market in which to be found. For anyone with a website, especially one selling products and services, ignoring the importance of social media means that you are missing out on sales!

At Great-Value-Websites.Com, we can help you set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube accounts and train you how to use them effectively to allow you to drive customers to your business. Some 90% of website owners don’t use social media. That means that you are only competing with those in your industry sector who do, thereby giving you a real competitive advantage.

Like all our services, nobody can beat Great-Value-Websites.Com on price, back-up or support, so you are never alone.

Call us today on 01556 612855 to find out more and for details of our social media training packages!

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