We never cut corners when building websites and that includes site optimisation

It might be a reasonable assumption to make that, if you pay considerably more for your new website, it will be built to a much higher standard.

However, that is not always true.

At Great-Value-Websites.Com, we pride ourselves on not cutting corners, so even the ‘hidden,' but vitally important background content of your site is fully optimised, even though we charge considerably less than most of our competitors.

For example, we give proper descriptive titles to all images and add alt tag descriptions to them in the background. We also ensure that all image file sizes are reduced in line with Google requirements and best practice, as uploading a 6MB image can seriously eat in to your website data usage, slow your website download speeds significantly and show up as one of many errors Google may flag up with your site. Of course, if you are a small business owner, say a roofer or a plumber, we wouldn’t expect you to know that, that’s why you appoint a website developer who should know that.

Here at Great-Value-Websites.Com, it never ceases to amaze us just how many website developers, who are charging their clients 4 to 5 times more than us for a website, cut so many corners. The net result is that their client websites are less likely to be easily found in Google searches.

Other common errors we see include incorrectly spelt place names, e.g. Westbromich instead of West Bromwich. If you run a business in West Bromwich, spelling the name incorrectly is likely to lose you a fair amount of potential business because nobody in West Bromwich will ever find you in Google searches.

Other errors include poorly written content, poor overall design, long domain names and extensions... the list goes on.

It’s because we don’t cut corners and create very professional websites that most of our work throughout the UK comes from client recommendation. We go the extra mile to help our clients and we don’t charge an arm and a leg for doing so. What’s more, we also submit completed site content to Google and offer all year round support too, so you’re never on your own.

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