About hosting fees, what they are and what they include

Hosting payments cover the cost of hosting a website on internet servers which literally serve up all the data which makes up your website to the world wide web. With Great-Value-Websites, hosting payments also cover the cost of domain renewals and the renewal of your annual SSL Site Security Certificate. Without hosting, no website can go live on the internet. Our hosting fees are as follows:
10 page sites: £12 per month | 20 page sites: £14 per month | 30 page sites: £16 per month | 40 page sites: £18 per month | 50 page sites: £20.00 | eCommerce Sites: £25.00 per month
Hosting payments are paid monthly by standing order which you should set up with your bank to begin the month following the publication of your new website. See our Terms & Conditions.