Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Once I have paid to have the website designed and built by you, are there any recurring fees?

A: Yes. After the first year, hosting fees (which includes your annual SSL Secure Site Certificate) become payable.

Q: What is hosting?

A: All websites have to be hosted on servers usually provided by third parties which incurs a fee. This enables your website to be live on the world wide web. The fee is to cover the ongoing cost of hosting your website and any associated email accounts.

Q: Am I tied into a contract? 

A: No. You can cancel your website at any time up to 7 days before your hosting fees are due.

Q: How will I know when my hosting fee becomes due?

A: We will invoice you directly about 6 weeks beforehand to ensure plenty of time for you to make the payment.

Q: What happens if I miss the hosting fee deadline? 

A: We will send reminders, usually by email although we may also telephone you as we don’t want anyone to lose their website. That’s why we invoice customers at least 6 weeks ahead of the due date. If the payment is still not paid on time, your website will be permanently removed by the hosting company from their servers and would have to be rebuilt from scratch at your expense. Please see our terms and conditions.

Q: Domain name registration is included in the price. Who owns the domain name?

A: You do. Provided your website has been paid for in full and there are no outstanding payments due, for example hosting, your domain name remains legally yours. Please see our terms and conditions.

Q: What happens if I have already registered my domain name elsewhere?

A: In most cases we can build websites on domains registered elsewhere, but we cannot then offer the same level of support for such domains or indeed associated emails. We cannot guarantee the continuation of websites hosted on domains registered elsewhere if, for any reason, the domain name is not renewed by you or your domain name is suspended for any reason resulting in the loss of your website and associated emails. We recommend therefore, that pre-registered domains are transferred to us. We can assist with this if required.

Q: I want my website to show on page one of Google. Can you do that?

A: The internet is very competitive with billions of websites out there. That’s why we add carefully chosen keyword phrases / meta and alt tags to your website when it is built to give your new website the best chance of being found. However, Google require websites to be worked on regularly, for example, ongoing updates to content and links to social media, to ensure that websites remain relevant in searches. We are happy to offer our customers advice free of charge. We also carry out very competitively-priced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services on an ongoing basis on websites we have built and we don’t tie you into contracts either. We have an excellent track record in gaining page 1 Google placements even in competitive locations such as London and other big cities.

Q: Can you revamp my existing website, even if it has been built elsewhere?

A: No. We can only offer support services on websites we have built.

Q: I don’t have any photographs to illustrate my website. Can you help?

A: Yes, we have access to royalty-free stock images which we can supply at a small one-off charge depending on the number of images required and their size.

If you have any further questions now answered here, please get in touch!


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