Warning for UK companies using .eu domains post-Brexit

Warning for UK companies using .eu domains post-Brexit

UK website owners with a .eu domain will no longer be able to use .eu after Brexit the European Commission has warned.

The move is potentially most serious for UK businesses that have branded their business around a .eu domain.

Brexit is currently scheduled for March 30th, 2019. Website owners using a .eu domain should start operating with a new domain name now to give the best lead in time for changes to their branding strategies and marketing.

From an SEO point of view, it’s advisible to have 301 redirects from one URL to another URL as soon as possible although Great-Value-Websites.Com recommends that you have your website rebuilt on a new domain, say .co.uk in advance of Brexit as this is preferable to redirects which are subject to your existing .eu domain remaining active or being able to be renewed from the UK post Brexit.

It’s believed that there are some 300,000 .eu domains registered in the UK.