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32 million people in the UK buy online. Don't miss out!

With more than 32 million people in Britain (66% of all adults)* buying products and services online, can your business really afford to ignore them?

The internet provides every business with an opportunity to increase sales significantly. That’s because pretty much everyone these days sources goods and services online. And, having your own website is far more effective and cost-effective than paid-for advertising in newspapers and magazines. That’s because in order to increase sales through paid-for advertising, you have to advertise consistently, one-off adverts are simply a waste of money as very few people ever respond to the first, second or even third advert.

With your own professionally designed website however, your business is there 24 hours a day and seven days a week. And, if you are selling online, your shop is open for business 24-7.

If you already have a retail shop, then the internet allows you to sell well beyond the High Street and even well beyond your physical location. Your market can become UK-wide, Europe-wide even worldwide if you want it to be!

Great-Value-Websites.Com will not only build a professionally designed and effective website, we’ll also advise you how to drive sales through it!

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*Source: New Media Trend Watch.

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